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Keelblack launches Keelblack 250

In response to a number of yards who prefer spray application, we have developed a sprayable version of our popular Keelblack blacking.

Keelblack 250 is a thickened product which gives excellent coverage and all the advantages of Keelblack with the convenience of a spray application using low cost equipment.

Keelblack 250 requires a vacuum pickup spray gun operating at around 100psi. VP sprayers are readily available on the internet at very moderate cost and are similar to underseal spray guns working on the venturi principle. Call Keelblack on 0333 405 4045 for advice.

Please note, any other form of spray equipment (airless, pressure sprayers etc) WILL BREAK THE EMULSION AND BLOCK the spray equipment. We recommend 4 coats of Keelblack 250 but this has been found to be very fast to apply as overcoating can be commenced immediately the previous coat has been finished, enabling full Keelblack 250 treatment to be completed in one day.   Yards comment that working with Keelblack 250 is faster than using solvent based paints due to the speed of both application and the ability to rapidly re-coat, making it time efficient and highly cost-effective.

Curing times are similar to traditional Keelblack and all other preparation and rust-prevention techniques outlined in Keelblack literature apply equally to Keelblack 250

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