Case Studies

Case Study 1

Accelerated wear test results.

    In tests conducted under laboratory conditions at Saabrucken University (Faculty of Roads), KEELBLACK click here for pdf download

Case Study 2

Commercial passenger boat operator

    We have used Keelblack for the past four years on our steel hulled passenger vessels. We trade in fresh-to-slightly-brackish water with no loss of performance, no flaking and with little evidence of marine growth. Fresh water mussels simply drop off with a light scrape.

    Annual docking preparation time has been cut from 1.5 days to two hours, saving us at least £200-£300 per vessel and eliminating the need for costly hull scraping and requiring only a simple pressure wash to prepare the hull for recoating. Rapid overcoating has also saved us a fortune in docking charges.

    We originally applied Keelblack over old bitumastic, and the results after one year in the water were astounding. On subsequent dockings, the coating has been almost 100% present and undamaged with virtually no freshwater barnacles adhering to the surface. We have ordered more Keelblack for next year's maintenance programme."

Case Study 3

POOHSTICKS – 72 ft narrow boat

    Originally treated with Keeblack in 2015 and taken out of the water after 11 months. There was no sign of flaking or peeling, any weed came off with the pressure washer showing the Keelblack to in perfect condition other than a few patches of mechanical damage. These were invisibly touched in whilst the boat was in a damp wetdock. For a detailed report click here